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We recently received a bunch of comments that were held up in our spam filter and have decided to publish them anyway. These turned out to make for excellent FAQs.

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  1. I am already an author of a piece of work and coauthor of another. My solo project was published and released on I like my baby, but I want to expand to a wider audience for its sequel. I’m going to invest whatever need be to ensure its success.

  2. Hi

    I am on my second physical book through CreateSpace. I can not quite remember the workflow I used for the first book and I had someone helping me.
    I need help regarding the workflow for the process. I thins something you can offer?

    1. Absolutely, we can guide you through the whole process of self-publishing your book with Amazon (CreateSpace has merged with KDP).

    1. We can design them, but it will depend on which printer you use if they can print them. Generally this is not a print-option available through print-on-demand, but we work with several offset printers who can print a range of special effects.

  3. I’m interested in creating my first journal and wanted to get pricing from Odyssey Publishing. The journal will consist of lpages (with lines) , and words of wisdom at the bottom of every fifth page. Again this will be a writing journal for my audience. Do you have assistance with these type publications? I’m looking for page design, cover ideas and binding options. The journal would include numbered pages as well. Thank you in advance.

  4. Since Create Space has stopped their author support services I’ll be looking to replace them with a 3rd party book design service for my new novel next month. D you offer this service, and do you have experience working with Create Space?

  5. I had recent experience working with CreateSpace and I will need help for my current and future works. I note that you offer editing but I see no information regarding cost and process. I would get an editor from them, a specialist in the genre, who would help with language and structure and rearrange material as needed. I usually try to get the manuscript in good form before submitting it for editing. I need help with cover and interior design and marketing. I need systems in place that could help with marketing. Currently, I have no mechanism for that. I have 3 books, recently published by Amazon.

  6. Hey Odyssey team, I would like to do a 150pages inspirational book.
    Kindly Guide me on steps I should take and the financial plan, regards

  7. Hi – how much would you charge (rough estimate), to create space publish a 4 colour book, about 100 pages, simply classic layout. I am a journalist and publisher, but I want to get on with marketing and more writing. I have lots of books in the pipeline.
    I don’t need mentoring or discussions, but just someone who willl take my work, with my instructions, and do the job to full 4 colour proofs.
    Thanks a lot

    Darrel Cake.

  8. Got this site name from CreateSpace. Looking for editing and proofread. Goal is 100K words. Do you all charge by the word and what would those charges be for size of book I am thinking of? (100K words)
    Also how much for proof reading?
    I am 55K words into book and feel I need to start looking toward edit,proofread, ect. Was thinking of self publishing due to the amount of money it will seem to be to get it done traditionally. Can you tell me what your charges may be start to book print? Any and all information will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.
    Shaun Curtis

  9. Hi there I saw your message on createspace…what would you charge to format a book and cover? I live in Canada. Thanks!

  10. Dear Michelle, I’ve been corresponding with you about my book cover on Createspace. I have a fully designed cover already prepared,
    but it won’t load. If I send you the cover in a PDF file and in a TIFF file, how much would you charge to simply upload it for me?
    It would only probably take about an hour or less for a good graphic designer to load it on Createspace. I’m willing to spend up to $200 just for this service if you just tweak it and get it to load. Or, check out my website if you’d rather barter for something pretty.
    I will include the passwords to access my Createspace account.

  11. Hi there,

    My name is Amber Warren and I am interested in self publishing a short book of thoughts.
    I found Odyssey on a message board on Createspace and I would love some more information on the process.


  12. I have a manuscript of 107,000 words that I plan to send to a copyright editor this week. It appears to be 500 pages on 8×11.
    I will need cover design and interior design. It is a topical reference bible. What is the estimate for a hard cover book?
    Thanks for your consideration.

  13. I just gave up on the Create Space Editor – page numbers are in margin area – and I got nowhere with the cover template. My 200+ page book of poems seems ready to go except for the page numbers at the bottom – and I have a front and back cover design in word.

    I need help navigating the Create Space site – and perhaps help with uploading/designing the cover.

  14. I am looking to have my Nonfiction book edited and published. I received your contact info through Createspace forum. I am aware that they no longer offer services to authors. What are your fees to edit? What are your percentage for sales proceeds?

    1. Our editing fees are determined by word count and based on reading a sample. The book proceeds are 100% yours: we help you self-publish but do not keep any commissions on sales.

  15. How much do you charge for the following:

    1. To put in book publishing format and kindle format

    2. Proofreading

  16. Dear Michelle:

    What would you charge to convert my book (in Word RTF form) with 278 pages, and 37 cartoons (at the beginning of each chapter) to epub format?

  17. Hello! I am creating an interactive journal for self-care and healing. Do you guys help with creating journals?

    1. We offer editing, book design, cover design, ebook conversion, and some marketing services. We’re not a printer, but we work with KDP (formally CreateSpace) and IngramSpark, as well as other digital and offset printers, to help authors publish and distribute their books.

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